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"Skyler King is a sleight of hand virtuoso with an enviable repertoire that is highly visual and mind-blowingly beautiful. More importantly, he is a gracious and charming person who understands that magic is about human connection. I strongly recommend him for any engagement."

~Nick Gentry, Magician


Skyler made our wedding extra magical! Another magician referred Skyler to me. So, Skyler and I set up a phone call to discuss my vision for the day and for the magical interlude. I wanted the magic to be a surprise to my (future) husband. Skyler had a ton of good ideas for how to realize that plan. He also helped guide me to make the most of the magic (doing it during cocktail hour instead of when I originally planned). I could tell right away that I was in great hands. ​On the day of Skyler arrived early, surprised my husband (success!), and wowed our guests. He was extraordinary! Skyler did such a nice job entertaining our guests, making sure to spread the love around, and he even did a special magic trick for us (bride and groom). He has an understated, elegant style, making him a perfect fit for a classy event. What an amazing addition to the day! I can't recommend Skyler enough!
Ariana S. / Bride
"I hired Skyler King for my son's 16th birthday party, and he was absolutely amazing!!! His show is completely interactive, entertaining, and as one guest put it "mesmerizing". He incorporates humor and personal narratives with his magic, and adapts to his audience. He uses quite a variety of props, and you never know what he's going to do next! My guests were laughing, participating and picking their jaws up off the floor!!! The kids loved it, and the adults loved it. I plan on using him again for future parties, and I highly, highly recommend Sky King Magic!!! Five Stars!!!"
Christina Porterfield / Mother
"Skyler King came to my daughter's high school graduation party and was so impressive! Young, old, tired, excited--everyone was laughing and smiling by the end of the first trick."
Ellen Cabrera / Mother, Accountant
"Skyler can adapt and deliver anywhere he goes! He performed some impromptu magic for some MFA students at the MFA Photo/Video department at SVA. Without any time for proper set up, he was able to move swiftly and concisely delivered 3 tricks in a span of 5 minutes! Students laughed, staff from the department thoroughly enjoyed themselves – it was the perfect 5-minute break we all needed after a long day of classes and work. With an enigmatic presence, he is a natural at engaging with the public and with any type of crowd in any environment. He brings a level of fun and professionalism to his work!"
Brenda Hung / School of Visual Arts New York City
"Skyler King is a master of the art of magic. Skyler has been performing magic most of his life and it has blossomed into a career. His performances can be seen at local parties, restaurants, Balboa Park and as far away as New York City. He entertains with spirit and humor and always leaves his audience in awe. Skyler always amazes, astonishes, astounds and staggers the mind."
Janet M. / Client
SIMPLY THE BEST! Personable, charismatic and witty, just like every magician should be! The perfect addition to your social event- I saw him in action at a holiday party and was so impressed I will be hiring him for my own even in November-- I am so excited and can't wait for him to wow my guests!
Mariana A. / Client
I can't recommend Sky King Magic highly enough! I first saw him perform at my favorite restaurant, and immediately knew I needed him to perform at my local events! Since then I've hired him for all of my large events in San Diego. He always comes happy and prepared with new material to impede the crowds. Definitely hire Skyler if you want to wow your guests!
Allyson L. / Client
What can I say except this was a huge treat! We found Sky King Magic at Villa Capri Trattoria in Poway because he does Magic Mondays there at Dinner time. We booked him to do a private magic show for my boyfriend's 12 year old daughter and her friends as a special treat for Christmas. It was so fun to watch them try to figure out his tricks but not be able to. They were amazed and loved it. It was a lot of up close magic that really leaves you scratching your head. We booked him another time for our Christmas party. He walked around and did magic for about 50 adults. It was great entertainment and everyone loved it. Such a bonus! Skyler would be a great addition to any party, wedding, event, gathering etc. He is also a member of the Magic Castle in Los Angeles. If you don't know what this is, Google it!
Elena E. / Founder, Charity Wings ​Art & Crafts Center